my year in 2009

My year in 2009 was pretty adventurous and difficult at times. Time with family was crucial and helped stabilize emotions. Boo and I are making progress towards our goals. Career has been all over the place, but finally showing signs of direction. Overall my best year so far, making me a better human.

Looking forward

I am feeling so optimistic about 2010 and I want to be happy with Boo. I know resolutions are lame, but I make them all the time.  So this year, I’m writing them down here.

Here my resolutions are, :

  • Lose weight (of course!)
  • Get on a regular sleep schedule
  • Laugh more often, be less easily offended, don’t take things personally, don’t get so defensive when you’re wrong
  • Check in with my family more frequently
  • Go somewhere new every few months
  • Write code more
  • Take more photographs
  • Start learning guitar
  • Learn to cook daily
  • Keep a plant alive
  • Listen, don’t interrupt or be distracted
  • Go outside at least every now and then
  • At the end of each day, have a clean space for the following day’s work
  • Try not live in a gross room
  • Don’t put things off quite so badly
  • Reduce my debt

Heavily borrowed from Megan.