Writing with less friction. Case for iPad.

Writing is one of the most cogent ways to communicate with others. It requires work from the author to do critical thinking and come up with an engaging story line. Topics need to be looked from various angles and be considered carefully before coming with a certain points of view.

Writing requires focus

Writing needs focus and emphasis on clarity of thought from the author. Words left out are not essential to the main arc. Writing is akin to gardening. Gardens need great deal of planning and understanding before first seeds are sown. But the real work starts after the first shoots appear. These need to be tended to with deft hands and any weed or excess growth needs to be removed. Gardening is as much as about thinking and following a rigorous routine over many days to get the desired results.

iPad in my case along with apps like Working Copy and IA are essential to how I create these posts. Simplicity of this setups removes all the distractions and makes me focus on the task at hand. Critically think about what words I want to say to convey the thought I hold now.

Tools have come along way and we have not changed our approach to include these in our ways. Digital tools are seen as distractions with big access to addictive outlets like social feeds and unlimited videos. But with them they bring these incredible creative tools when wielded well can make nearly everyone a creator. You don’t need a large setup or team to write and share your insights to this world. Often I’m far to distracted by next shiny thing that I fail to pay attention to the hard grind of writing and coming up with original thoughts than can turn into words. We all need more time to cultivate our writing gardens. Start in a small way and keep at it until it becomes a second nature to me.